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Well this time LC add VOICE CHAT, no need for explanation again well mimin surely already know you guys must have been in the know what it:D VOICE CHAT.

Okay just follow these steps:
1. Download the application first Click
2. Select the appropriate OS that you use

3. If you have already downloaded, then run the application
4. Follow the steps to install a given
5. open the application, if you have not listed then register first
6. If already you guys select menu (+) then you guys select join a server

7. You are asked to enter the link to join in server.

If you guys want to get a link server LC send GMAIL in us to know our server link GMAIL: legendary.criminals@gmail.com

Fill out the gmail as below:

Send gmail to: legendary.criminals@gmail.com
Subject: request a link server voice chat
Your name:
Place/date of birth:
InGame Name:

Legendary Criminals afro

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