~[CLOSED]Admin Aplication~New ADMIN

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~[CLOSED]Admin Aplication~New ADMIN

Post by [LC]Amunra[V] on Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:48 am


Admin List:
Exclamation Admin Level 10:
Arrow [LC]Amunra[V]
Arrow [LC]Zein[V]

Exclamation Admin Level 9:

Exclamation Admin Level 8:

Exclamation Admin Level 7:

Exclamation Admin Level 6:

Exclamation Admin Level 5:
Arrow [LC]Muchlis[V]

Exclamation Admin Level 4:
Arrow [LC]Blackcar0368[V]

Exclamation Admin Level 3:

Exclamation Admin Level 2:

Exclamation Admin Level 1:
Idea New Admin
Arrow mr.kepo
Arrow Rikka
Arrow Hairo

admin at any time to change or experience of raising the level as well as a decrease in the level of Admin  affraid

Do your benediction  lol!

and for those who select not keep playing because you have to be the best  santa  rendeer  afro

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Legendary Criminals  lol!

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Re: ~[CLOSED]Admin Aplication~New ADMIN

Post by [LC]Zein on Mon Dec 21, 2015 1:09 pm

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